New York Remains Free of Medical Malpractice Damage Caps

When it comes to receiving compensation in medical malpractice cases, not all states are created equal. In recent years, many states have established upper limits on the damages that plaintiffs can receive in malpractice suits. These caps typically apply to “non-economic” damages that cannot be directly quantified such as pain and suffering and mental anguish…. Read more »

Bring a Notebook to Your Next Doctor’s Appointment

Exam rooms can be stressful places for patients. This is especially true in cases where patients are undergoing long-term treatments for chronic illnesses or serious injuries. For these patients, visits to the exam room are valuable opportunities to discuss their progress with their doctors and gain insight into what they can do to improve their… Read more »

Doctors Suggest Cutting Medication to Reduce Hospital Deaths

Preventable errors have been a hot topic of discussion in the medical community recently. Insurance companies, legislators and medical professionals have suggested a variety of potential solutions to the alarming rate of medical errors in America – from treating more patients at home to establishing harsher penalties for doctors who commit dangerous errors. Now, in… Read more »

Can 3D-Printed Organ Replicas Help Train Better Surgeons?

Before a student can become a surgeon, they typically spend months conducting mock surgeries on human cadavers. Unfortunately, surgical students aren’t guaranteed to see specific conditions or diseases during the course of their cadaver studies. Rather, it’s the luck of the draw. Medical cadavers are also in relatively short supply. In some cases, students have… Read more »

Study Finds Team Training Can Reduce Medical Errors

No physician is an island. More often than not, practicing medicine is a collaborative effort between groups of healthcare professionals working to solve a common problem. Now, a new study conducted by a group of psychologists at Rice University has found that by embracing team-focused training regimens, healthcare facilities can reduce medical errors by as… Read more »

Budget Shortfall Looming for Public Hospitals in NYC

Over the next four years the New York City Health and Hospitals public system could face a deficit of $6.1 billion according to recent projections from the New York City Independent Budget Office. This shortfall is expected in spite of the fact that the system – which runs 11 hospitals in the area – is… Read more »

Can Steeper Penalties Reduce Medical Errors?

In May, 2016, the British Medical Journal raised serious concerns among patients and physicians when it published a study that found that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. The authors of the study attributed the alarming number of deaths caused by medical errors to a lack of reporting… Read more »