What about OSHA?

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration has found that 33% of all construction fatalities are from falls and another 22% are from being struck by an object. These hazards can be prevented and guarded against under New York State’s Scaffold Law. A review of 2600 OSHA construction site inspections in New York State… Read more »

How does the Scaffold Law make New York different from other states?

New York State’s legitimate construction industry is virtually the safest in the nation, thanks in large part to the Scaffold Law and other safe construction work site state laws: Labor Law sections 200 and 241. According to statistics compiled by the United States Department of Labor, New York State consistently ranks as the second lowest… Read more »

What is the Scaffold Law and how does it affect safety at construction sites in New York?

Labor Law Section 240, the Scaffold Law, requires building owners and general contractors to provide workers proper scaffolds, hoists, harnesses, and other appropriate work site safety and equipment. If a construction worker is injured because the owner or general contractor failed to provide safety equipment, then the owner or contractor can be held responsible.