Many Medical Errors Go Unreported by Anesthesiologists

If an anesthesiologist made a mistake during a medical procedure and didn’t provide you with the proper sedation based on your medical history or age, wouldn’t you want to know about it? This type of medical error could affect your health and put you at risk for further complications. In some cases, an improper dose of anesthesia could result in illness later and, in extreme cases, even death. This is why it’s important for anesthesiologists to avoid making errors, and if they do make a mistake, it’s important for them to report it so that your doctor can treat you accordingly.

But there’s a big problem that is plaguing the medical field right now, according to a recent article in The National Law Review. In a study conducted at the University of Michigan, researchers found that a suspiciously low number of anesthesiologists reported making medical errors. And while we might like to think that this is because the anesthesiologists aren’t making mistakes, the truth is that many anesthesiologists and doctors are leaving errors unreported in an effort to avoid being held liable for their mistakes at a later date.Unreported Medical Errors from Anesthesiologists

The researchers in Michigan identified a huge discrepancy between the number of errors reported by anesthesiologists and those reported by patients, which could spell trouble for physicians if they are knowingly underreporting errors. The UM study showed only about 5.5 anesthesiologists out of 10,000 self-report errors, when in reality, the actual error rate falls between 1 in 100 and 4 in 100.

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