Rape Victim Lawyers

Our rape victim attorneys in New York have represented women and children in lawsuits against building owners and managers where a tenant, guest, or customer was subjected to rape or otherwise sexually assaulted. All building owners are responsible for providing a safe environment, which means having properly lit areas and onsite security. If you were assaulted on a property that did not meet these standards, you may be entitled to compensation.

In one case, our rape victim lawyers represented a Brooklyn woman who was raped in her own apartment because the landlord failed to fix the locks on the windows to her bedroom, which were located directly on the fire escape.

Our firm also handled a disturbing case involving children who were sexually abused at a day care center in a Bronx church. The children were supposed to be under continuous supervision, but an employee of the Church, who had no association with the day care center, was permitted access to the children during naptime, bathroom time and at other times. The negligence of the day care workers allowed this employee to commit sexual assault on very young children. Our firm was successful in obtaining a $3 million award for damages.

These cases all resulted in the recovery in monetary compensation for the trauma and post-stress disorders that the innocent rape victims are unfortunately left with.

Of course, money cannot take away the horrors of sexual assault, but it can help to pay for treatment, counseling, and anything else you may need. If you or someone you know is a victim of rape, please call or e-mail our rape victim lawyers today. Our experienced attorneys are available to provide you with a free initial consultation.