Can I sue if I am not a citizen or I am an undocumented worker? What happens if I was paid off the books?

Citizenship or legal status is of no importance in bringing a lawsuit. Anyone and everyone can bring a lawsuit if they are hurt on the job. You can even bring a lawsuit if you are paid off the books. Being off the books may affect how much money you ...

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How are construction injury lawyers compensated?

Generally, lawyers representing injured construction workers operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that the client is not billed by the hour and only pays a legal fee if the lawyer obtains a recovery

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What qualifications should an injured person look for in a lawyer to represent them in a construction site injury?

The most important qualification is experience. An experienced lawyer’s knowledge and wisdom from other cases can always make a big impact in the results of a case. Integrity, trust and concern are also qualities that clients need from their injury...

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What about Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is provided through the employer’s insurance company, allowing for immediate coverage of medical and hospital expenses. Workers’ compensation money received by the injured worker must be paid back to the insurance company ...

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What are the damages that a construction worker can sue for under the New York State law?

The damages include loss of earnings, medical expenses, rehabilitative expenses, compensation for the pain inflicted, compensation for permanent disability, and more.

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How do the New York State Labor Laws regarding construction sites promote worker safety?

Without the Scaffold Law, more building owners and contractors in the highly competitive construction industry would cut corners on safety. The owner who signs the construction contract and makes the payment can and should insist on full compliance w...

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