Medical Malpractice

Will the lawsuit that I bring affect my access to medical treatment?

No. Although doctors are sometimes reluctant to speak out against another colleague they rarely allow a lawsuit to interfere with their care and treatment of a patient. Over the years, our clients have experienced a very high standard of medical treatment from other doctors during the tendency of their lawsuit. They have found that doctors Continue Reading..

If I bring a medical malpractice/negligence lawsuit do I have to go to court?

Yes, although settlements in meritorious cases are frequent, settlements usually take place only after all discovery has been completed. Many times settlements are not offered until “half day” through trial. Recently, the insurance industry has bombarded the public with propaganda concerning frivolous lawsuits and large jury verdicts. This has affected the minds of many well Continue Reading..

What is the lawyer’s fee?

An initial consultation with medical malpractice lawyers in the State of New York is generally conducted without a fee. Investigation of the matter after the initial consultation is conducted without hourly charge. A lawyer in medical negligence generally works on the basis of a contingency fee. A contingency fee is authorized by law and has Continue Reading..