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Recognizing What Medical Practice Is (And Isn’t)

Recognizing What Medical Practice Is (And Isn’t)

Medical malpractice centers on a standard of care and whether you received it. Being a doctor is an honorable profession. The basis for their practice is to help others. Because of this, many people have a difficult time understanding that it is possible to be harmed by one. 

Again, medical malpractice is not an attack on a profession. It is about holding professionals to an established standard. Furthermore, people’s lives and their ability to earn an income can be severely affected by malpractice. It’s about helping you at a difficult time in your life.

Why Does It Need To Be Defined?

When discussing the idea of a standard of care, it is essential to note that it is a term that originated and developed organically within the medical community. It is, however, used by another group of professionals: attorneys. 

A standard of care is a hypothetical question an attorney may ask himself to help determine if someone has been a victim of medical malpractice. It proposes that if a group of medical professionals of the same field received a patient, how would that patient be treated? Standard of care also takes into account the knowledge and practices being employed during the time of treatment. 

Did the patient receive treatment that was in line with the standard of care? 

Applying The Standard

A standard of care is one lens people will look through to determine whether something involves malpractice or negligence. For example, does a worsening condition or even death mean malpractice was involved? It could, but it is not guaranteed. 

Many procedures and operations come with risks that cannot be fully mitigated. The fact that there was a bad result is not as legally crucial as to why it happened. Was the dangerous surgery you received unnecessary? Were you aware of the risks? Did the doctor take all the steps to mitigate the risks?

The important aspect is seeking legal counseling after a condition worsens or something adverse happens because of your treatment. Allow an experienced attorney to evaluate and decide. 

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