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Brooklyn Brain Injury Attorney

Concussions, contusions, and head trauma are just a few of the brain injuries a person may sustain during an accident. The effects of these injuries are not always apparent right away, and accident victims may think their symptoms are quite minor. In some cases, an accident victim may not even know they have suffered a brain injury until they have visited a doctor.

However, brain injuries are one of the most dangerous types of injuries you can sustain in an accident. These injuries are complex and sometimes even fatal. You can pursue damages by filing a personal injury claim against the liable party. An experienced Brooklyn brain injury attorney from Silberstein, Awad & Miklos will work to ensure you secure the full amount of compensation you and your family deserve.

Causes of Brain Injuries

Sadly, nearly any accident can result in a brain injury. The most common causes of these serious injuries include:

Slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of brain injuries. When a person falls, there is a good chance they will hit their head, which could lead to concussions and other head injuries.

The force of impact in car accidents causes the body to move, and the head can potentially hit the steering wheel, dashboard, or other parts of a car. Loose debris can also strike the head during a crash, causing a penetration injury or injuries from blunt force trauma.

Construction workers are required to wear hard hats and other protective equipment for a reason. Construction work is very dangerous. Unfortunately, the protective gear workers wear is not always enough to protect against a brain injury.

Negligent healthcare professionals can cause a brain injury in a number of ways. A doctor may fail to accurately diagnose a heart condition, which could lead to a stroke, or they may not properly monitor a patient under anesthesia, resulting in an aneurysm or brain bleed.

The above are just some of the most common causes of brain injuries in the state. Any time you or a loved one suffers a brain injury, a Brooklyn brain injury attorney can advise on how to recover the full settlement you deserve.

Signs of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries do not always show signs or symptoms right away. Sometimes, an accident victim may have suffered a brain injury and experienced symptoms but fail to realize it is due to a serious injury. The most common signs of a brain injury include:

Any time someone loses consciousness after an accident, even for just a few moments, it is very serious and requires medical attention.

Accident victims sometimes suffer regular headaches after an accident, and they often brush them off as stress headaches. However, persistent headaches are one of the most common signs of a brain injury.

Approximately one in five people who suffer a brain injury will experience seizures or convulsions. These may occur immediately after an accident, but an injured individual may not experience one until months afterward.

Brain injuries can affect a person’s balance, movement, and their ability to perform simple tasks. Dizziness and sensory issues could also affect a person’s balance and coordination.

Brain injuries can lead to issues with a person’s long-term and short-term memory. Although it is sometimes easy to brush these symptoms off, they could be a sign that something is seriously wrong.

After suffering a brain injury, individuals may experience mood changes, become more withdrawn, and not have any interest in activities they once loved.

Any time an accident victim experiences these signs or symptoms, it is important to seek medical treatment right away.

Long-Term Effects of a Brain Injury

Brain injuries have the potential to compromise your quality of life and rob you of your sense of self, not only following an accident, but for several years. In many cases, particularly when a child suffers a brain injury, the effects may linger for the rest of the accident victim’s life.

The cognitive issues that result from a brain injury can affect a person’s concentration. While this is frustrating, it may also result in someone losing their job because they no longer have the mental capacity it requires. Brain injuries can also affect a person’s ability to perform simple daily tasks, such as buttoning a shirt or making a meal for themselves. These issues could result in an accident victim requiring long-term or in-home care.

Brain injuries do not only affect the accident victim over the long-term. They also affect the victim’s family. Parents and spouses may have to make major changes to their lifestyle to accommodate the needs of their loved one, and this takes an emotional and financial toll.

Statute of Limitations on Brain Injury Cases

All personal injury cases in Brooklyn have a statute of limitations, or time limit, dictating when you must file your claim. Most Brooklyn brain injury cases have a statute of limitations of three years from the date of the accident. While there are some exceptions, it is crucial that accident victims file their claim within this time. If they do not, they will likely forfeit their right to any compensation.

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