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Manhattan Car Accident Lawyer

ASK4SAM Manhattan NYC Car Crash Attorneys

You may not see the light at the end of a tunnel after a car crash, and doubt that you will see it after the event. A lot of people also doubt if lawyers are able to provide this light to clients. There might be firms or attorneys who cannot provide that light, but not with certain firms who know their business. Silberstein, Awad and Miklos, PC is one of those firms, having earned numerous awards for helping car accident victims have hope in NYC.

Manhattanites are more fortunate in that this firm has an office operating in their borough. The office is strategically located so that clients in the Manhattan area or even neighboring ones can access it easily. With great accommodations and amenities, you can find and contact this office with the details below:SAM Manhattan, NY Office

New York City Office
1850 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10031
(212) 233-6600

For more information, answers to your questions or directions to our office locations, you can access the SAM website contact page https://ask4sam.net/contact/. Or, if you want a direct, free consultation from SAM experts in automobile accidents, you can contact the hotline 1-877-ASK4SAM.


A car crash can change the course of a person’s life, often in the negative sense. Surviving one though is a stroke of luck, and no matter that we all know car crashes are unfortunate disasters, we also know that surviving can lead to better things. All SAM lawyers addressing auto accident cases try for the better thing, always, mostly in terms of just compensation for clients.

We consider settlement as a farther option. We view litigation as our main resource for giving clients what they need, a compensation equitable and fulfilling every need. Some liable persons often think that they need not pay compensation and have defense attorneys to help them. But our lawyers have the skills to help these liable persons see the light, and they do so with determination and full preparations to settle things with litigation.

Litigation is now the acknowledged way to get a client good compensation, even as other firms often go for settlement. At SAM we understand the law and respect the rights of everyone, we respect the court process no matter how complex or intense it becomes. Because of this, our expertise covers all sorts of loopholes, our legal case building is fashioned with all the details in mind, up to and including things found in rule books.

For people in Manhattan, it means a solid system of client support especially during litigation or court trials. The SAM law firm will help a client get traction on the path towards legal recovery after a car collision, and the firm backs this up solidly in fundamental, psychological terms.

Tips on Things to Remember After a Car Accident

  • After a crash, the most important thing to remember is that you have to stay safe.
  • One of the best things to do is to keep emergency flashing lights on.
    When inside a vehicle, remain there if possible, unless you need to do things like getting your car off the road.
  • Calling the police always help, and following immediately with an MV 104 or police report is a good way to go. .
  • Medical evaluation should be immediately accomplished, since it is one of the most critical things. On scene with medical professionals or in a hospital will do.
  • Be diplomatic to get things like insurance information from other parties.
  • Insurance is a necessity but not where litigation is concerned. Often, insurance agents are obliged to lower compensation rates and even try to block attempts at litigation.

What Client Care Means for SAM

Anyone who has had the disastrous experience of being in a car collision may not pin much on hope. Even so, hope and other positive values often form a bridge of intangible factors that lead to a successfully concluded court case. That is the best reason for SAM to make client care a positive factor right from the start.

Our client care process has been refined to its best possible level. We all know that psychological stress is something that can make the experience worse for clients. We seek to mitigate the stress through helping clients bear up and see hope. This hope is a means of supporting clients and for lawyers to be able to work with them well.

Settlement or litigation is something that an excellent knowledge base and legal experience will always support. For some settlement is a preference, but for us litigation is often the only way now to provide justice to clients. Many cases are found to be more solid when litigated, and the need for just compensation is often something that settlement can achieve for a client. Insurance agents and adjusters may seem to be helpful but they are actually tasked to limit compensation, if not convince you not to litigate.

Facts and knowledgeable use of them are keys in helping clients maintain balance throughout a case. In fact, the more they know, the more they may have something of peace of mind. To stress a client is a no-no where SAM lawyers are concerned, and one of the best ways to do this is to answer the WHYs for their clients. Getting the honest truth is ideally done through the recreation of a case, or by making a liable person provide the real details. Truth always serves justice, and truth is a legal right everyone needs.

Manhattan Injur Law is a SAM Expertise

The reason for the heading above is that few people outside of the legal expertise realize that a place exerts influence on which way a case can go. That is why SAM lawyers make sure they are expert not only in the legal parameters involved in a case, but also in the culture of the place where the accidents that generate a case occur.

Manhattan has a unique culture, and is an outstanding example of a popular tourist destination in the American sense. It has that famous skyline often related to NYC, and is also something of a pleasure place, with restaurants and many other amenities.

A car crash occurring here is regulated in the legal sense through state and national laws. But the social issues that apply are good things to be aware of. The culture here is therefore an important factor to guide legal expertise, and that is what SAM lawyers are aware of all of the time.

Manhattan is world famous. And it is vital that SAM lawyers are well acquainted with its cultural details to make full use of legalities there. Besides which, the practice law in New York will generally differ from other states.


Lee Sprague 1 review 9 months ago I had never been in an accident before and was completely overwhelmed by the situation I found myself in. All of a sudden I was inundated with forms and paperwork and had no idea how to navigate these complicated waters. I found Silberstein Awad and Miklos on the internet and reached out not knowing what to expect. I am so thankful that I did. Silberstein Awad and Miklos eased my mind and took control of the situation. At all times I knew that I was in the best hands and felt completely taken care of. What an incredible comfort it was knowing that I had someone watching out for my best interest. It left me free and comfortable to focus on my recovery. Thank you Jonathan Urena and the entire SAM family for taking care of my case and for working to get me an EXTRAORDINARY settlement. It does not eliminate the pain of my accident but it does help to know that I can move forward with my life.Steven Goldfeder 1 review 10 months ago Let's start with the most obvious reason that people work with an attorney. My settlement was WAY beyond what I expected. I was kind of amazed at the tenacity of the firm in going after the opposing insurance company to secure a top settlement. Now a bit about my experience with the staff. Initially I met with Joe Miklos who was extraordinary generous with his time. How often do you meet with a partner who spent time listening to me and preparing me for the process of settling my suit. After that day however I almost never spoke to Joe. Understand, I always knew he was available however with the incredible team of Jonathan Urena (my paralegal) and Toni Tipaldo (the office manager) I simply never needed to speak with him. My team had me handled and well informed from start to finish. Of course nobody wants to be in an accident but it is good to know that in the event that I need a law firm to represent my best interest I have SAM to rely on.Jannettia Pearce 1 review 11 months ago Great firm. I was involved in a hit and run accident where i suffered serious injuries. Thanks to SAM years of experience they were able to find coverage and compensate me. Highly recommend to friends and family.Stephanie Sanchez 3 reviews 9 months ago Had a car accident case with a different firm, medium size policy, big injury(back surgery). The prior firm was doing nothing to settle it even after it hit over a year old. I switched over to Silberstein Awad and Miklos. They were able to have it settled very quickly and for the full policy. The attorney was attentive and on top of it. I would highly recommend.

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