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Bronx Car Accident Lawyer

 If you have been in an accident, contact the experienced Bronx car accident lawyers at Silberstein, Awad and Miklos today. We provide free consultations.

After a car crash, things may seem too dark for someone injured in the crash. A lot of folks may doubt that lawyers can help a client look positively at life, but what many don’t know is that great lawyers consider it a part of their job. In fact, Silberstein, Awad and Miklos (SAM) has earned awards by considering this part of a client’s need and addressing it well. 

It is a good thing for Bronx residents that there is a SAM office in their neighborhood, because they might need to go there after a car collision. In fact, SAM operates offices in strategic locations throughout NYC and neighboring Long Island. For folks in the Bronx, the office location details are provided below: 

SAM Bronx Office

2825 3rd Ave.
Suite 301
Bronx, NY 10455
(718) 204-8000

For more information, answers to your questions or directions to our office locations, you can access the SAM website contact page https://ask4sam.net/contact/. Or, if you want a direct, free consultation with a SAM Bronx auto accident attorney, you can contact the hotline at 1-877-ASK4SAM. 

Why SAM?

A car crash is a personal disaster that may be of enormously negative proportions. But consider how surviving one is, in and of itself, a positive thing, and going forward from there, SAM Bronx car accident lawyers use this fact to build up a client’s confidence, which may not be that high, or give a client more hope during the legal fight for just compensation.

Clients have a choice to settle or litigate, and SAM lawyers will always go for litigation when they can. Settlement is not a bad thing, but these days, it may give you a lot less, and the defense will always make you work to get your client just compensation in a car crash case. Liable persons do have the right to legal defense, and many consider it a matter of pride not to pay compensation when liable. But SAM understands this and respects the balance in law that is not partial to any side.

SAM Bronx car accident attorneys are prepared for this, and this determines how they will fight for clients in litigation. They know that litigation can get a client the full compensation and benefits they need. Obviously, injuries resulting from a car collision can be life-changing. No matter how intense the legal battle becomes, it is nothing compared to a crash. So lawyers cover all loopholes the defense may use and fight tooth and nail with everything they know from rule books.

Bronx residents there have solid legal support from SAM law firm when they need it. Whether they are litigating or settling, the firm has perfected a unique client care process that not only helps win cases, but to also enable clients to go through the proceedings with balance and positivity, which is a basic psychological need. 

Must-Do Things After Car Crashes

  • Make sure, first of all, that you are safe after the crash.
  • Keep your emergency flashing lights on throughout the rescue and investigation on scene.
  • Don’t get out of your vehicle unless you have to, as when you need to take your vehicle off the road.
  • Call the police soonest, as well as file a report or an MV 104. 
  • Get critical medical evaluation from the emergency response team or in hospital, it is important to recovery or avoiding permanent injuries.
  • Be diplomatic and get insurance information from others involved in the crash.
  • Do not listen to insurance companies, get your details and don’t let them influence things. 

What Client Care Means for SAM

Client care is a practice and an advocacy for SAM motor vehicle accident lawyers, especially for those clients who are involved in disastrous events like car crashes. There are intangible factors that apply, and hope is one of them. We try to keep our client’s confidence and hopes up, because it is the right start in the legal process, for smoothing the way perfectly, as it is. 

It is well-known in psychological terms that a more positive person is always much better suited to win arguments. We at SAM realize that our clients are always at their best if we give them solid support from start to finish. This gives them a place to start recovering from psychological injuries, which are much harder to detect and address.

Settlement or litigation is not really a choice, because our preference is for the latter. That is, we know that about the only means of getting full compensation for any client, especially or even the most injured, is through litigation. The justice system being what it is, the defendant also has the right to law. We respect the fact, and this makes us respect the law more.

Respect for law means studying it closely and applying it diligently and in the correct way. We also help clients learn in the process, and to help them see through lies or dishonest opinions and get to the truth. We help them understand the WHY of things through the court process, whether from a lawyer’s background story or from the mouth of the person liable. Justice wins only if truth wins. For clients, hope can be generated by knowing the WHY and understanding things through the clean, clear lens of the law.

SAM Knows the Bronx

For a lawyer, ideally, any place where he or she practices law is an important part of the court process. Knowledge of place is not only about the legal sense of it, although this is a basic thing. The culture, mores and social opinions in a state influence the way laws are made.

We also know that if we don’t like or love the place we work in, morale is going to be an issue. In turn, this might affect our clients. We don’t want this. So it is part of the SAM auto accident attorney brief to be well versed in state law, state culture, and the society of the city they work in. We find it effective and good. 

The sights and sounds of the Bronx and the metropolis of New York are part of the inspiration. We appreciate these in a way that temporary visitors can only envy.  This borough is already world famous and we appreciate the fact. So, too, should clients — we help them find this perspective because of its rewards.

The social factor, when working for the legal one, can enhance the court process. This, ultimately, works for us, for helping us win cases for our clients.



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