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Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer

New York City is known for its incredible Skyline. That incredible Skyline didn’t happen overnight. It Happened One brick at a time as a thousands of workers each played their parts in erecting building after building and also in maintaining those buildings even as new ones go up.

When you work in construction, job-related injuries can often lead to expensive medical bills, lost wages and, in some cases, permanent disability. Those who can return to work might fear losing their jobs, should they seek compensation. Although certain laws ensure workplace safety, work-related injuries are not uncommon, particularly in the construction industry.

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, please contact Silberstein, Awad & Miklos. We provide personal injury representation in all types of cases including Construction injuries, as well as  car accidents, medical malpractice and more. If you have questions about your rights to compensation for injuries sustained due to another person’s carelessness, call us at (718) 204-8000 today!

If you have been injured in a work-related incident, you have two possible avenues of payment: receiving workers’ compensation and/or winning a personal injury lawsuit. In all cases, you should pursue workers’ compensation. In most cases, you should pursue both. Contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced NYC construction accident lawyer.

Many different people can be at fault for a construction injury accident in the Bronx (or NYC in general)

Legal Duties of General Contractors and Construction Site Owners

Whoever is in charge of the construction site, whether it’s the general contractor or the site owner, they are tasked with overseeing all operations in the area. This includes ensuring the safety of the workers, the equipment and vehicles being operated.

Legal Duties of Construction Site Owners

Property owners who decide they want to change or build a structure in the city must ensure that the construction workers and all other employees will have a safe place to work. Under Section 200 of the New York Labor Law, property owners have a legal obligation to provide adequate and reasonable protection to any person they employ or who may lawfully frequent the site.

Legal Duties of General Contractors

Under this law, general contractors and property owners must take all necessary steps to ensure that their construction site is safe. When potential dangers are present on the site that could cause harm to workers, property owners and general contractors are responsible for correcting the situation. Property owners and general contractors also have a legal obligation to provide proper safety equipment so workers can carry out their duties.

Legal Duties of Subcontractors

On a construction site, there are many different moving parts. General contractors make bids on the project, and if their bid wins, they typically contract at least a portion of the work out to subcontractors. Subcontractors have the same legal duties as the general contractors who hire them.

Subcontractors must ensure that they provide a safe work environment and that they only use safe equipment to protect the workers and anyone else on the site. If you are injured due to the negligence of a subcontractor, you can hold them liable for paying the compensation you deserve.

Legal Duties of Engineers and Architects

Engineers and architects are responsible for designing buildings and other structures. It is crucial that architects and engineers adhere to strict professional standards when they are designing buildings. Engineers and architects must also ensure that the site of the buildings they design or change are also regularly inspected. Again, when engineers or architects fail in these duties, they can be held liable.

Legal Duties of Equipment Manufacturers

Machinery and equipment are very important aspects of construction sites. Unfortunately, not all of this equipment is safe. Manufacturers of construction equipment, like all manufacturers, are responsible for ensuring that their products are safe so no one is harmed. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers meet these legal obligations. When that is the case, anyone injured can hold them liable for the injuries and losses they sustained.

Everybody who holds responsibility in the construction workplace can be a cause of injury if they are negligent. And that’s where we come in.

Ask4SAM Knows The Bronx

Apart from knowing how the law works in the area a law firm practices in, it is also just as important to know the area itself. Our law firm has been in practice for over two decades in and around New York City’s boroughs. We know how to operate in the Bronx and how to best handle its citizens. The Bronx community is very close-knit and has a developed relationship with the institutions they work with. This includes the law firms who represent them and fight for them in their time of need.

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SAM Knows the Bronx

For a lawyer, ideally, any place where he or she practices law is an important part of the court process. Knowledge of place is not only about the legal sense of it, although this is a basic thing. The culture, mores and social opinions in a state influence the way laws are made.

We also know that if we don’t like or love the place we work in, morale is going to be an issue. In turn, this might affect our clients. We don’t want this. So it is part of the SAM auto accident attorney brief to be well versed in state law, state culture, and the society of the city they work in. We find it effective and good. 

The sights and sounds of the Bronx and the metropolis of New York are part of the inspiration. We appreciate these in a way that temporary visitors can only envy.  This borough is already world famous and we appreciate the fact. So, too, should clients — we help them find this perspective because of its rewards.

The social factor, when working for the legal one, can enhance the court process. This, ultimately, works for us, for helping us win cases for our clients.


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