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Recognizing the Signs of a Stroke

Recognizing the Signs of a Stroke

Know the Signs of a Stroke

For natural reasons, as a result of surgery, or because of side effects of medication, humans can experience a stroke, which is an interruption in blood flow to the brain. When your brain doesn’t get enough blood, it loses oxygen and food, and depending on the severity of the stroke, it can die within just moments. This is exactly why it’s so important to recognize a stroke as soon as it begins.

It is important to know the signs because if someone is having a stroke, then every moment counts.

If you think you might be at risk for a stroke, or if you’ve recently had a major surgery, it’s important to remember the letters F-A-S-T:

Face Drooping: While relaxing your face, look to see if your smile is uneven. Strokes can cause muscles in your face to go numb, which means you might not feel the difference. You would have to look for it.

Arm Weakness: If one of your arms feels week or numb, try lifting both. If one is drifting downward, that’s a sign of a stroke.

Speech Slurring: Slurred speech is a major sign of a stroke, and it’s not always apparent in the early stages. If you notice slurred speech and either of the other to signs, get to a hospital.

Time to Call 911: If you even think there’s a chance it’s a stroke, don’t risk it. Call 911 and worry about everything else later.