Medical Malpractice

Silberstein, Award & Miklos Wins a Landmark New York Medical Malpractice Decision on the Subject of Medical Record Discovery in Medical Malpractice Cases

Earlier this week, a New York appeals court ruled in favor of Jose Vargas, who requested the release of an audit trail from Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. In 2012, Jose Vargas received a foot surgery in the hospital. Unfortunately, during post-op Vargas contracted gangrene from the botched surgery and had to amputate his leg from Continue Reading..

Name-Brand Drugs Could Cost Medicare Millions

Preference for Name-Brand Drugs Could Cost Medicare Millions

Hey U.S. government, here’s some money-saving news to keep on your radar. Recently, researchers at the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center revealed a study that showed eye care providers prescribe more name-brand medications by volume than any other group. It’s a discovery that could have nationwide implications, considering eye care providers contribute around $2.4 Continue Reading..