Medical Malpractice

A doctor holding a note with a diagnosis: What should I do if I have been misdiagnosed?

What Is the Legal Recourse for Misdiagnosis in New York State?

People trust doctors to properly diagnose their ailments. While not all problems can be correctly diagnosed in a timely manner, medical professionals have the duty to properly diagnose those conditions that other medical professionals would have been successful in identifying. If they don’t, they can face liability for a misdiagnosis. Understanding Misdiagnosis Medical misdiagnosis refers Continue Reading..

Understanding the Complexities of Surgical Errors: Unveiling the Legal Process for Surgical Error Claims in Belmont, NYC – Silberstein, Awad, and Miklos

Exploring the Issue of Surgical Errors in Belmont, NYC Welcome to the Silberstein, Awad, and Miklos blog! In this post, we will delve into the complex and often devastating issue of surgical errors in Belmont, NYC. When undergoing surgery, we trust that medical professionals will provide the highest standard of care. However, mistakes can happen, Continue Reading..

Understanding the Devastating Consequences: The Link Between Delayed Stroke Diagnosis and Medical Negligence in Morgantown NYC

When it comes to stroke diagnosis, time is of the essence. The timely identification and treatment of a stroke can mean the difference between life and death, or between a full recovery and a lifetime of disability. Unfortunately, in Morgantown NYC, there have been cases where delayed stroke diagnosis has had devastating consequences for patients. Continue Reading..

What Is The Difference Between Medical Errors & Malpractice?

  Regarding healthcare, trust is a critical component that underlines the patient-doctor relationship. This connection is built around expectations and responsibilities. When something goes wrong, distinguishing between inadvertent errors and calculated negligence becomes crucial. The differences between these occurrences are intricate but essential. Understanding the differences will give you insight into the standards and ethics Continue Reading..