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Getting Your Money’s Worth on Insurance

Getting Your Money’s Worth on Insurance

Insurance Following procedure after a car accident is fundamental to protecting everyone in the car accident. Exchanging insurance information, filing a police incident report and following up with your insurance company is incredibly important. This ideally should be done all on the spot at the time of the accident.

You pay hundreds of dollars a year to your insurance company for good reason. This protects you from complete financial obligation when it comes to paying your medical bills and expensive auto collision repair. But since your insurance company is a business just like any other, losing or paying money is something they like to avoid.

Contesting payouts is the modus operandi in the insurance industry. Giving your insurance company any leg to stand on when it comes to resistance for paying out on bodily injury or automobile repair is essentially arming them with ammunition. And a big strong leg for them to lean on is delayed or improperly filed claims.

If you are involved in a minor fender bender with marginal damage you may not feel like going through all the motions of a traditional insurance claim is needed. But when you delay your claim, your insurance company sees this as a breach of contract. Depending on how long you wait, the company can also present skepticism on your claim.

Moreover, not all damage to your vehicle is immediately obvious. Just because you have a small scratch on your fender doesn’t mean you didn’t snap a bracket or jar a baffle in your engine compartment. More importantly, due in great part to adrenaline levels, not every injury presents symptoms immediately. So when you tell the other driver “I feel fine,” the fact is you don’t know, because adrenaline masks pain.