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How do Legal Procedures Aim for Justice?

How do Legal Procedures Aim for Justice?

Sometimes you might look at the American legal system and wonder how it works (or fails) or why our lawmakers have organized things in they way that they have. You could even wonder how well a birth injury lawyer in Brooklyn could do for you, asking: “Why do the bad guys go free?” or “Why do good people lose in court?”

Of course, without a basic understanding of the philosophy of law, these questions can go entirely unanswered or, at the most, they can be left unsatisfyingly answered. The truth is, and this is a crude way of saying it: the law aims to get both good and bad people exactly what they deserve. Good people deserve to be free or compensated and bad people deserve to be jailed or to pay damages. Of course, it’s easy to know that the law aims to do this, but it’s not easy to understand how it aims to do this.

The uncomplicated answer to “How does the law work” is to say “procedure.” In fact, if you watch a show like Law & Order, you’ll see procedure playing out in every episode (a lot of lawyers, policemen, etc. will tell you that Law & Order is the most realistic of procedural dramas on television).

Throughout the past 2 and a half centuries, lawmakers and legal philosophers have developed procedures that when followed will, theoretically, bring forth just outcomes. So, a police officer must follow the law when taking a citizen into custody. An officer cannot, for example, raid a citizen’s home without a warrant. If the warrant has the address of 27 Walnut St, Apartment 211, the officer may not enter apartment 212. If the officer does raid the apartment that is not on the warrant, but finds substantial evidence against the suspect, that evidence is not admissible in court.

For a case similar to this, see this Brooklyn Paper Article.

That’s why responsible officers, attorneys and judges follow legal procedure. If you don’t, law-abiding citizens get punished and criminals run free. And that’s why you can trust a Brooklyn, Queens or Bronx medical malpractice attorney at SAM P.C. – we aim for justice by following procedure. This gets our clients the justice that they deserve!