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How to Pick the Right Nursing Home

How to Pick the Right Nursing Home

Nursing home negligence and abuse are huge problems throughout the country. Our parents, grandparents and elderly neighbors can really suffer if we don’t get them into the right nursing home. So, try to make sure that you don’t ever have to call a nursing home abuse attorney, and follow the steps below when choosing a nursing home:

Check Staff Credentials & Backgrounds – Does the nursing home have high standards for their staff credentials and do they perform extensive background checks on their employees? If not, that’s a home to turn down. If so, compare their requirements with other homes to find the best one.

Registered Nurse to Resident Ratio – How many nurses are there compared to the number of residents? Compare this fraction to that of other nursing homes and this is a great indicator of overall quality. Also, be sure to check how often nurses are available. Are they there 24 hours a day? If not, that’s probably a home to turn down.

Time Outside – Aging is hard enough without being locked inside all time time. Does the nursing home offer time outside? Fresh air and sunlight do wonders for the soul, and any nursing home that doesn’t recognize this probably doesn’t hold their residents in high esteem.

Keep these tips in mind and if you ever encounter abuse at a nursing home, contact us to see what should be done about it.