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Loud Hospitals Can Have Adverse Effects on Patient Health

Loud Hospitals Can Have Adverse Effects on Patient Health

Did you know that the average noise level in American hospitals is about 95 decibels? That’s 10 decibels higher than the noise level at which OSHA regulations require companies to provide hearing protection for employees. We might think of hospitals as relatively quiet places, but in practice that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

In many hospitals, patients are constantly exposed to the sounds of diagnostic machines, announcements over PA systems, and the hustle and bustle of nearby medical staff. During especially busy times of day, hospitals can get even louder than they usually are. For patients with long hospital stays, all this noise can complicate treatment and prolong recovery times.health care portable monitoring in hospital

To begin with, persistent loud noise can disrupt patient sleep cycles. Sleep is essential when the body is recovering from illness and injury, so ideally patients should be in an environment where they can get a good night’s rest. Hospital noise can also contribute to patient anxiety and discomfort, both of which can impede the healing process.

Healthcare experts know that noisy hospitals aren’t conducive to providing patients with quality care, and that’s why some hospitals are taking steps to reduce noise levels and give patients some much-needed peace and quiet. Hospitals can reduce their reliance on overhead PA systems by switching to personal devices that discreetly alert individual nurses and physicians when they’re needed instead. They can also install additional insulation in long-term care facilities to fortify them against loud ambient noise. No hospital will ever be completely silent, but measures such as these can significantly reduce the amount of noise that patients are exposed to on a regular basis.

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