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Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer

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For more information, answers to your questions or directions to our office locations, you can access the SAM website contact page https://ask4sam.net/contact/. Or, if you want a direct, free consultation from an ASK4SAM Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer, you can contact the hotline 1-877-ASK4SAM. 


It is sad that car crashes often impact the lives of those involved in an extremely negative way. Yet, the fact of survival alone tells a tale that goes in the positive direction. It is a belief among ASK4SAM Brooklyn auto accident lawyers that fighting for just compensation for clients is something related to positivity, a way of making things better for the unfortunate client injured in a crash. 

Settlement, for a lot of firms, can become the focus. However, this goes against the grain for lawyers of the caliber that SAM employs. Settlement is not something that gets the thing done, in terms of compensation. It may even do the opposite. Litigation alone is the legal tool which can help liable persons and their attorneys to compensate a complainant in full, so a court trial is the only way to have a client compensated fully. 

With preparedness and a determination to get things done, SAM lawyers know that the law is fair most of the time. And that liable persons have as much right to legal defense as SAM clients have in fighting for just compensation through their attorneys. SAM respects the law in this regard, and that actually sharpens the attack for them. This typically means that firm knowledge in law should ideally translate to airtight cases, intensive arguments that can sway juries and the like. 

So, the ASK4SAM Brooklyn office is a boon to Brooklynites, a beacon of legal light at the end of the tunnel for those who take on their services. As a matter of fact, the firm makes it a point to run a client care process that nurtures and supports a client from start to finish. Recovery is something they are also concerned with, as part of the job and their advocacy for safer driving and safer streets. 

What You Need to Do After a Car Accident

  • Make sure that you are safe after a car accident. 
  • You should turn on your emergency flashing lights right after the crash.
  • Keep calm and stay inside your car if possible, only getting out to do necessary things like putting your vehicle off the road.  
  • Always call the police after the accident, and file an MV 104 or police report as soon as you are able. 
  • Get that critical medical evaluation soonest, It can mean the difference between an injury with remedies and one that is permanent.
  • Getting insurance information from other parties in the accident needs diplomacy and calm. 
  • Ignore insurance agents who may tell you to not litigate. They will always try to lower the compensation you get through adjustments and related things.

The ASK4SAM Way in Client Care

In terms of client care, ASK4SAM knows that hope is something that helps a lot. We make sure that there is a lot of room created for this, because it is something that a person who has been in a car crash may lack or have little of. Right off the bat, our client care management tries to do this, so that the entire process will be perfectly smooth for clients as much as possible.

Psychological stress of course is something that may really bear down badly on a client. We try to mitigate this, so that our client goes beyond the painful experience and even goes to a place of hope. And the hope is always a good thing, an achievement for our lawyers. 

It also matters that you either want to settle or litigate, since we know that litigation works much better. These days, settlement can get you the short end of the stick, and leave you wanting more and regretting the fact that you didn’t go for litigation. In fact, litigation is our preference, going against common practice because we seek full and fair compensation, not just compensation of any kind, or compensation provided by insurance companies.

We never deny liable persons or defendants the right to legal defense. This is how much we respect the law. The same respect that enables us to work with the law in the best possible sense in the service of our clients. We do not accept any settlement except for the just one, and for the other side, it might be something to fight against. That is fact in the legal process. Why seek the truth for our clients and get it through trial background stories or even from liable persons. With truth, we know that justice is always served. 

ASK4SAM Knows Brooklyn

We do know Brooklyn. Again, this is something that we work on along with the legal details. A place always defines the courtroom atmosphere, the social composition of juries and stuff like that. Also, culture is something that affects how laws are made in a state like New York. 

Brooklyn is a borough we know well in relation to the great metropolis of New York. Our work is much enhanced with this fact, and our morale is buoyed by the fact that we live in this metropolis. It’s unique culture and beautiful sights are an inspiration that we know serves us well.

A legal expert in the SAM definition is not only one who knows law, but also the place where this law is practiced. That is both practical and the best way to practice law in any sense. Brooklyn is a famous place and we know it because we live and work here.

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Natividad Johnson 1 review 2 years ago I would to Thank The Law Firm of Silberstein Awad & Miklos for taking on my Case. I would also like to Thank Ms.Chelsea Horowitz for being Extremely Professional & Reliable. She helped me and understood my problems and kept me updated every step on the way. I'm so glad to have chosen Silberstein Awad & Miklos to help me with my Car Accident case. I will Highly Recommend this Firm to All my Family and Friends.Stacie Mikhael 1 review 2 years ago I have assisted a friend with a slip and fall case and discovered this law firm by word of mouth. I cannot express how wonderful the lawyers and staff at this law firm were. They went above and beyond and ALWAYS kept me updated regarding the status of the case. They never made me feel like I was a bother, and always so quick to answer questions or concerns by telephone or email. Most especially, Alexandria Awad Esq. She was so professional, efficient and a true gem to this law firm. In the end, the settlement was better than expected. I would recommend this firm highly as you will not be disappointed.Joan Lee 7 reviews   a month ago I never want to use this law firm again! But not because they're bad! Because I don't want to be hurt ever again. But if I ever was hurt in an injury, I would call them in a heartbeat! They know what they're doing and they get the job done and they get you the compensation that you need and that you deserve. There's a reason that they're one of the best personal injury law firms in all of Brooklyn, Bronx, and the rest of New York City.Charlotte Matthews Local Guide ・21 reviews   2 months ago I was the victim of medical malpractice from a Hospital in Brooklyn. I figured I would just suffer for their mistake for the rest of my life, but then I spoke to one of the personal injury attorneys here, and she explained what my rights were and how I could get significant financial compensation to cover lost work, pain, suffering, medical bills, therapy, and more! The best part is there really is no cost to working with these guys because they'll take your case and represent you at no upfront cost and they only get paid a percentage of the ultimate settlement if they win and the settlements are so large that I had no problem at all saying okay to them taking a very fair and small amount. Essentially free money! For more reviews from satisfied SAM clients, please click here.