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Medical Malpractice & Prescription Medications

Medical Malpractice & Prescription Medications

Medical malpractice is commonly associated with missed diagnoses and improper surgical procedures. A reason for this may be because of the severity connected with both. Though that may be true, receiving the wrong medication can put you or a loved one at significant risk. 

Prescribing medicine can be an art as much as it is a science. Your medications have to be to the right degree and kind to alleviate your medical issue. Another way of stating that is you need the correct medication at the appropriate dose. People in the healthcare field refer to these are the five rights:

  • Right patient
  • Right drug
  • Right dose
  • Right route
  • Right time

A Failure To Meet The Five Rights

In addition to receiving the correct dosage, the medicine you receive can worsen another underlying medical condition. Each medication comes with contraindications. These conditions or symptoms prevent a person from obtaining a specific prescription because it could be harmful. 

Along those same lines, medications may also have side effects. As a patient, you should be told by your doctor what they are so you can make a decision about the particular drug being suggested. It Is important to note that a “side effect” does not automatically mean negative. Some people are prescribed medications solely based on the drug’s positive side effects and added abilities to treat conditions.


There are scenarios in which there are no contraindications and conditions present that suggest a patient cannot receive a medication. Because serious injuries may result in many prescriptions, there is a possibility that the drugs will interact adversely when combined. 

Did the doctor (or someone else) ask what other prescriptions you are currently taking? That could be another element that may be overlooked. Despite being given the right medications, they may not be the right when your current medications are considered. 


Some medications do present adverse side effects if taken for too long. Doctors may prescribe them because the short-term benefits outweigh the long-term consequences. How long were you told to take a medication for longer than you should have? Taking the correct medicine for an inappropriate time is still a violation of the Five Rights (right time). 

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