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Name-Brand Drugs Could Cost Medicare Millions

Preference for Name-Brand Drugs Could Cost Medicare Millions

Hey U.S. government, here’s some money-saving news to keep on your radar. Recently, researchers at the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center revealed a study that showed eye care providers prescribe more name-brand medications by volume than any other group. It’s a discovery that could have nationwide implications, considering eye care providers contribute around $2.4 Continue Reading..

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Study Finds Parents Are Prone to Making Medication Errors

Medication errors are some of the most common causes of medical malpractice lawsuits against doctors and healthcare providers. In some cases, a doctor might accidentally prescribe a dangerously-high dose to a patient. In others, they might prescribe the wrong medication altogether. But doctors are not the only ones who can make medication errors. Recently, a Continue Reading..

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Researchers Find Web-Based Tools Can Reduce Medical Errors

Modern medical treatment often involves a collaborative effort between multiple physicians and healthcare professionals. When patient care is handed-off from one clinician to another, possibilities arise for failures in communication that can ultimately lead to dangerous medical errors. A doctor might neglect to mention an allergy or drug sensitivity, for example. Healthcare experts know these Continue Reading..

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Doctors Suggest Cutting Medication to Reduce Hospital Deaths

Preventable errors have been a hot topic of discussion in the medical community recently. Insurance companies, legislators and medical professionals have suggested a variety of potential solutions to the alarming rate of medical errors in America – from treating more patients at home to establishing harsher penalties for doctors who commit dangerous errors. Now, in Continue Reading..