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NYC Drug Injury Attorney

NYC Drug Injury Attorney

If you or someone you love has been hurt by dangerous drugs, you understand the high medical bills and painful injuries that can come as a result of medication. You may be able to file a claim to recover compensation for these losses, but going up against the insurance companies that provide coverage to doctors and pharmaceutical companies is not easy. A NYC drug injury attorney will help you fill out and file the many important documents involved in these cases, and create a case that will give you the best chance of a successful outcome.

Do You Really Need a Drug Injury Attorney?

When you have suffered injuries due to dangerous drugs, the simple answer is yes. Filing a civil claim against a pharmaceutical company, medical clinic, or even a doctor can take years, and it is not something you want to handle on your own. All of these liable parties have teams of lawyers representing them, and they will know how to refute your case to reduce the amount of damages they owe. You need to have someone working in your best interests, too.

A lawyer will not only ensure that the appropriate documents are filed properly, but they will also conduct an extensive investigation to collect important evidence for your case. During the investigation, a lawyer will reach out to their extensive network of experts in order to gather information. This network may include scientists and doctors that can provide testimony to strengthen your case. A lawyer will also make sure to meet all deadlines in your case, and ensure your case is filed before the statute of limitations expires, so you do not forfeit your right to full damages.

Civil claims are complicated and time consuming, and it can be overwhelming for those who aren’t familiar with the process.  It is especially difficult when you are trying to recover from your injuries. A lawyer will handle every detail of your case while you focus on your recovery.

Drug Companies Prioritize Profit Over Public Safety

Drug companies are often the liable parties in civil claims involving dangerous drugs. Prior to any medication going on the market for consumer use, manufacturers must thoroughly test it and evaluate it to determine if it is safe for consumption. Years can pass between the time a medication is tested and the time it actually makes its way to the shelves.

Pharmaceutical companies want to rush the process, even at the risk of public safety, so they can sell their product and make more profit. Sometimes, drug companies simply will not follow the proper protocol at all. Pharmaceutical companies will try many tactics when trying to avoid this process, which may include:

  • Offering bribes to doctors that push their product
  • Manufacturing drugs in contaminated or unsanitary conditions
  • Encouraging off-label uses or making false claims about the product
  • Submitting misleading or false information for FDA approval

It is crucial to take legal action any time a drug company has taken any of the above actions. This is an important step to not only claim the financial compensation you deserve, but also to stop the drug company from taking such actions in the future.

Common Injuries Caused by Dangerous Drugs

When a pharmaceutical company prioritizes their own profits over the safety of public health, it can result in a number of side effects. These may include:

  • Cancer: Many prescription medications have been shown to place users at an increased risk of developing certain cancers.
  • Depression: Some prescription medications are known to list depression as a side effect. In the most tragic of cases, depression can become so bad it leads to suicidal thoughts.
  • Cardiovascular injuries: Some medications are known to place patients at an increased risk of suffering many cardiovascular injuries such as blood clots, kidney dialysis, strokes, and heart attacks. Birth control prescriptions and low testosterone medications are particularly known for causing these conditions.
  • Diabetes: Cholesterol drugs are used to lower a person’s risk of a heart attack, but they can end up negatively impacting a person’s blood glucose levels, resulting in them developing Type 2 diabetes.

All of the above conditions can wreak havoc on the life of their victim and their family. They can also result in high medical bills, lost income, and more. A NYC drug injury attorney can help you recover the damages you need for your losses.

Determining Liability in a Drug Injury Lawsuit

Two of the main concepts in any civil lawsuit are negligence and liability. You must prove both of these elements of your claim in order to recover compensation. Negligence is an act, or a failure to act, in a manner that another reasonable person would not. Negligence is a very broad term that is heavily questioned in civil claims. However, some acts of negligence are quite obvious.  For example, a judge would likely determine that if a drug manufacturer skipped the FDA approval process, they acted negligently.

Liability is a legal term that indicates which party is responsible for paying damages due to their act of negligence. To determine liability in a drug injury lawsuit, you must first prove that they were negligent, and then establish that the negligent act was the direct cause of your injuries. Determining liability in a drug injury lawsuit may involve showing that you were allergic to a certain ingredient in the drug, and that the ingredient was not listed on the label, or that you were not warned of the allergen.

Our Drug Injury Attorney in NYC Can Advise You of Your Legal Options

No one should ever have to suffer as a result of a dangerous drug. If you or someone you love has taken dangerous drugs and you now wish to file a claim, our NYC drug injury attorney can help. At Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C., our seasoned attorneys are passionate about helping victims of another person’s negligence, and we will put our experience to work for you, too. Call us today at 1-877-ASK4SAM or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about your legal options.