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Nassau County Hospital Error Lawyer

When you enter a hospital, you may expect that the care you receive there will stabilize or improve your health. Far too often, doctors make mistakes in their treatment and this results in the deterioration of their health.

Nassau County hospital error malpractice lawyers at Silberstein, Awad & Miklos could help you sue the medical facility that provided you poor treatment. We have helped patients harmed by medical malpractice recover over a billion dollars in total. This includes a $6.9 million verdict for permanent brain damage and quadriplegia following neurosurgery.

We have nearly three decades of experience standing up for those whose health has been compromised by medical professionals. We know how to work with well-reputed medical experts to build authority to your case and how to use the specific facts of your case to our advantage in negotiations.

If you have suffered from a hospital error, our accomplished medical malpractice attorneys could discuss the facts of your case and determine your options for pursuing compensation. Let a Nassau County hospital error malpractice lawyer help you hold the negligent hospital and their employees accountable.

Liability for Health Center Errors

When a patient seeks medical care at a hospital, the hospital and its staff are legally required to provide the patient with the proper standard of care. This is defined as the care that other reasonable staff in similar positions would provide. If they fail to do so, they may have breached their duty to the patient.

When a hospital’s staff breaches their duty of care, patients may suffer injuries that cause them losses such as pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and loss of consortium.

These types of cases are called negligence cases and may require patients to prove that a hospital and its employees breached their duty of care and that this breach caused the plaintiff injuries. A knowledgeable hospital error lawyer in Nassau County could work to prove the hospital’s negligence and liability.

Actions that Fall Below the Standard of Care

Various hospital errors could lead to severe injury or even death. These may include:

  • Not referring patients to a more specialized doctor
  • Misdiagnosing or delaying diagnosis
  • Administering too little or too much anesthesia
  • Using the wrong instruments in surgery, causing gashes or wounds
  • Administering a harmful combination of treatments and medicines
  • Failing to order tests
  • Mixing up patients and administering the wrong treatment or surgery

These errors may occur through various administrative errors or when hospital employees do not adhere to the policies and procedures set forth by the facility. Hospitals may also require staff to work shifts that overexert them and cause them to make mistakes.

Requirements to File a Hospital Error Malpractice Suit

When a Nassau County hospital error lawyer files a lawsuit for a plaintiff, a certificate of merit is also required, as outlined in New York Civil Practice & Law Rules § 3012-a. This requirement is designed to help reduce the number of malpractice lawsuits that may not have a valid basis. With the certificate of merit, the lawyer could attest that either:

  • They reviewed the relevant details of the case with a licensed doctor familiar with the area of medicine pertaining to the case, and this doctor believes the case has legal standing
  • Despite three individual good faith attempts to consult with a licensed physician, they were unable to do so

What if the Statute of Limitations is Approaching?

The statute of limitations, as stated by the New York Civil Practice Law & Rules § 214-A, is two years and six months from the date of injury. Plaintiffs are advised not to let a nearing statute of limitations and the certificate of merit requirement keep them from pursuing a hospital error claim.

The same law could give attorneys a 90-day extension to file the certificate of merit if they cannot provide it at the time of filing due to an approaching filing deadline.

Consult with a Nassau County Hospital Error Malpractice Attorney

If you suffered from a hospital error, you could seek compensation for your additional injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of income, and more. When you work with the legal team at Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C., we could handle the legal details while you focus on recovering.

The dedicated Nassau County hospital error malpractice lawyers at our firm have 28 years of experience handling medical malpractice cases. We use a winning combination of expert witness testimony and a detailed knowledge of the law to work towards your fair compensation.

We could bring out the strengths of your case and use them to hold the defendants liable. Contact a Nassau County hospital error lawyer today to get started on your case – we are available to talk every day and at any hour.