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Queens Medication Error Lawyer

Patients rely on their doctors and pharmacists to prescribe and distribute necessary medications every day. When medication errors occur, a patient can be severely harmed with devastating consequences and side effects. The Queens medication error lawyers at Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C. have over three decades’ worth of experience handling medication error cases and have recovered millions of dollars for clients in medical malpractice cases and claims.

Our lawyers care about the health of patients and patients’ rights and are dedicated to fighting for those injured due to medication errors. Our practice has the legal know-how and resources to fight for the compensation patients deserve. We work directly with teams of medical experts when investigating a medication error claim to determine the amount of compensation possible and then fight for the maximum amount.

If a doctor or pharmacist’s medication error harmed you, that healthcare provider may be liable for damages. Call the compassionate and experienced medical malpractice attorneys with our firm to schedule your free consultation and learn your legal options.

Common Medication Errors

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 75 percent of doctor office visits and over 79 percent of hospital emergency department visits involve prescription drug therapy.

Medication errors can result from:

  • Prescribing the wrong medication
  • Prescribing medication to a patient with a known allergy
  • Underprescribing or overprescribing a medication
  • Prescribing medication that is dangerous in combination with other medications already being taken by the patient
  • Failure to follow-up with the patient and monitor the medication’s effects
  • Pharmaceutical error

Prescribing the Wrong Medication

Doctors, nurse practitioners, and other prescribers can make mistakes when prescribing a medication. Prescribers should review a patient’s medical history to ensure the medication will not cause a dangerous complication. A patient’s medical history can reveal the medications they are allergic to and which ones were effectively used for them in the past. Further, prescribers must take the patient’s age, sex, weight, and other factors into account when determining the medication best for them.

If a prescriber rushes through this process or neglects to consider the best medication for a specific patient, they could cause serious and lasting harm to someone’s health. At Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C. our Queens medication error lawyers are committed to helping those suffering after being prescribed the wrong medication.

Pharmaceutical Errors

One of the most common medication errors is a prescription mix-up. This occurs when a pharmacist gives a patient the wrong medication. Sometimes, a medication mix-up occurs when the pharmacist fills the prescription with the right medication but in the wrong dosage. Or, when the pharmacist fills the prescription with the wrong medication entirely. These errors occur relatively frequently and can cause serious complications.

Due to a medication mix-up, a patient may receive a drug they cannot tolerate or cause adverse reactions when taken with other medications. Patients who suffer complications associated with medication errors often require additional forms of treatment. In extreme cases, the patient may suffer fatal complications after taking the wrong medication.

How a Queens Medication Error Attorney Can Help

Medication errors can be especially dangerous. When someone take a prescription they should not, they can suffer serious and even fatal consequences. When negligence contributes to medication errors, the prescriber or pharmacist may be legally liable for the harm their patient suffers. If you were injured or hurt because of a medication error, you may be able to receive financial compensation.

Our Queens medication error lawyers work tirelessly advocating for injured patients. We thoroughly review each individual situation and are meticulous in exploring all legal options. Our attorneys are available every day of the week either by phone or email. Call our office and schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation today.