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Capping Pain & Suffering Suits Unfair

Capping Pain & Suffering Suits Unfair

We know it’s a rough world out there; you just need to turn on the TV to any of the news channels and you’re blasted face first with a pie of tragedy – the thing is though, no one’s laughing. Every day it seems like there are fewer people we can trust.

Our list of confidants dwindles with each new day. We wish it were different, we really do, but we’re not ignorant of the facts, of the reality of the situation – bad things happen and they won’t simply go away just because we turn our heads to look at something else. We have to face these things head on, and that includes medical malpractice.

Yes, the medical professionals that we should be able to trust sometimes make mistakes that cost us a lot of money, pain, and time. Unfortunately, though medical malpractice suits have gotten a bad rap over the years, thanks to some bad apples in the bunch, that shouldn’t change the importance of challenging the system, as discussed in this Buffalo Business First blog post.

Michael Petro writes, “Medical malpractice lawsuits have gotten a bad name over the years and often are perceived by the public as frivolous, said Kelley, an attorney at Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria. Thirty-five states already use caps to limit damages for pain and suffering, and there’s talk of further caps to protect the interests of physicians.”

Clearly, we understand the importance of not abusing the system, but we also don’t want a system in place that abuses our clients and fellow patients. We think there’s a right balance that can be reached, but as it sits right now, that balance is not in place. An ideal situation would be one where patients and doctors aren’t taken advantage of, but is that the kind of society we live in? Will equality always be an impossibility? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.