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The Symptoms and Signs of Cancer

The Symptoms and Signs of Cancer

symptoms of cancer

When you look at what so many people do to fight the war against cancer, it’s easy to gain faith in humanity. We work together, running, walking, biking, or whatever. We work hard to raise money to fight the only true villain in this world. We do this, so that families and patients after us will have a better shot of eradicating cancer finally. We do this, because of how much it hurts to see someone we love go through it.

Fortunately, our parents and grandparents felt the same way. They fought their battles enough to help us recognize the signs and symptoms, hopefully before it’s too late. In most cancer remission/success stories, the patient caught the cancerous cells in the early stages. Cancer will spread like wildfire once it grows, so catching it before it grows is the ideal situation.

Signs like abnormal lung sounds, fevers, or rapid breathing might alert your physician that something isn’t right in the body. However, symptoms are things that only you can feel. Symptoms can include weakness, aching in the body, and many pneumonia symptoms.

Below, you’ll find some of the most common symptoms and signs of cancer in the body. We don’t mean to alarm you, but knowledge is power in the war against cancer. If you recognize many of these symptoms, please consult a physician ASAP.

  • Unexplained Weight Loss
  • Fever/Fatigue
  • Aching/Pains
  • Skin Discolorations/Skin Changes
  • Unhealing Sores
  • Changes in Bathroom Habits
  • Indigestion
  • White Patches on Tongues
  • Unusual Lumps
  • Unrelenting Sore Through or Cough