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What is Attorney–Client Privilege?

What is Attorney–Client Privilege?

You’ve probably heard this term before and you may even know something about it. Basically, attorney–client privilege is the confidentiality between an attorney and his or her client. Keep in mind that you must actually be an attorney’s client in order to be protected by such a privilege, so you can’t establish this relationship with your neighbor who happens to be an attorney.

But, more important than the definition of attorney–client privilege is what it does. Why is confidentiality important to maintain between you and your lawyer?

Well, shouldn’t you be able to trust your lawyer? Shouldn’t you feel welcome to disclose any and all information to him or her? You should.

By having this interesting relationship, you can give your attorney the information that will be necessary to win your case. Plus, you can depend on your lawyer for counsel, gaining good insight into what actions you should take pertaining to your case.

So, rest easy knowing that you can trust your medical malpractice attorney with information in order to find the best solution to your case.